Eliza Hutton

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Eliza Hutton

The group called BLM since April 2020 has sent people to this group to harass and disseminate false information about our group act like a mafia, but they should know that Instagram gave us the reason to remove accounts from their people for fraud as listed above and Facebook gave us the reason also when denouncing people who harassed us belonging to their group.
We're checking to see if some of these people are sent by the Brandon ‘s Lee ,ex-fiancée.

Harmful people close to the manipulated information about Brandon's former fiancée have erased access to the websites we publish here for you to observe the truth about her age and work.
However We have again collected more websites that indicate that we tell the truth why the state of California has its websites to contact people and publish the true information.

These accounts and groups distribute fakes and half-truths about Brandon Lee and his family. Some of the information seems to be told and misrepresented by people close to the Lee family. In case of doubt and distribution of fakes report without fear.